Hello and welcome to Salty Mountain Vibes/ Tristine Davis Fine Art Photography! I am a longtime Florida resident. Through the course of my career I've spent years traveling the world teaching photography classes, hosting retreats and sharing my love of all things aquatic. As a certified SCUBA diver, certified freediver and award winning Professional Photographer, my enthusiasm and love for the water is evident in the images and experiences I’m able to immortalize through my photography.I have over 18 years of experience, more than 8 of which I have spent specializing in underwater photography, which I feel unites to render mesmerizing images! My overwhelming passion for the underwater world is seamlessly combined with my eye for all forms of beauty to shoot stunning photos, whether it be above or below the surface, as well as sea life or even an enchanting sunset painted in the heavens. My heart and soul are expressed through the lens of my camera and I would love for you to add a piece of my Tristine Davis Fine Art to your collection today! Thanks for visiting the site and sharing in my vision.